New Magi-Fest Scholarship Update

For six years we have offered more than 30 kids a FULL scholarship to attend the Magi-Fest Convention in Columbus, Ohio. We run a youth program at this convention, and we make it available to all young magicians with a passion for magic. In the past, we’ve accepted young magicians based on essays they write, and over the years we’ve received some heartfelt, personal, and moving pieces of writing. But this year we are taking things in a new, action-packed direction.
We want to see our youth scholars give back, so we’ve implemented a new plan. In order to qualify for a Magi-Fest scholarship, all applicants must perform a show for a charity of their choice, and provide documentation for the performance. This can be a nursing home show, sharing magic at an orphanage, a fund-raiser for a good cause, doing magic at a women’s shelter, or any other registered charity. Our youth scholars should provide photo evidence and documentation of the performance, and we will select our youth scholars based on this evidence. We hope to spread magic around to those who need it most, and welcome this kind of youth scholar into our program.

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