South Africa Magic Lab

We are proud supporters of the College of Magic in Capetown, South Africa. This non-profit magic school is the first and only of its kind in the world. The College of Magic teaches leadership and public speaking skills through magic, and many of the students are among the most at-risk and disadvantaged in South Africa. Despite this, the College has produced graduates who have gone on to win international prizes in magic, and it is a safe, enlightening place for kids who have nowhere else to go.

Last year we built a new theater in the College of Magic, an exciting environment where students can take their performance exams and do their first shows.

The Magic Lab is our next dream. We want to create a place where kids can create magic. It would be a room in the College of Magic with desks, and chairs, well-stocked with every conceivable gimmick and craft supply. Students will be able to dream up a new illusion, sketch it out, and then physically assemble it in our Magic Lab.

We have designed an attractive room, but building the shelving, furniture, and stocking the drawers with supplies will be costly. We’re looking for donations to help make this dream a reality. If you can help, please visit our donation page!

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