Our mission

The performance of magic is a cathartic, powerful force; it can cause laughter, tears of joy, and utter bafflement to audiences. But it is also rejuvenating for the magician: it instills hope, discipline, and drive. Our charity is dedicated to harnessing this power for good.

The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund is dedicated to advancing the art of magic, and making a positive impact inside and outside the magic industry. We maintain a particular emphasis on empowering young magicians. The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund is a registered non-profit 501-C3 and we are funded entirely by the donations of Vanishing Inc. customers and several generous individuals.

How to help

We are able to change lives for young magicians in need only because of the support from people like you! Many young magicians strive for greatness in magic without a strong support system, or the basic funds to pursue the art of magic. We are here to help. Will you help? We would be honored to accept donations here. We also give you the flexibility to choose how you would like your donation used, and whether you would like to be in contact with the young magician you have elected to help.

Meet our team

Andi Gladwin


Joshua Jay


Joe Diamond

Charity Facilitator


Simon & Ginny Aronson