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The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund (codenamed: ShareMagic) is dedicated to advancing the art of magic, and making a positive impact inside and outside the magic industry. We maintain a particular emphasis on empowering young magicians. The Vanishing Inc. Magic Fund is a registered non-profit 501-C3 and we are funded entirely by the donations of Vanishing Inc. customers and several generous individuals.

Some of our recent projects


South Africa Magic Lab

We are proud supporters of the College of Magic in Capetown, South Africa. This non-profit magic school is the first and only of its kind in the world. The College of Magic teaches leadership and public speaking skills through magic, and many of the students are among the most at-risk and disadvantaged in South Africa.…


Welcoming Joe Diamond

We are thrilled to have Joe Diamond as the newest member of our Team! Joe will spearhead our efforts to impact the magic community at large, and youth in magic in particular. We (Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin) have always felt a strong obligation to give back to magic, which has given us all so much. Joe comes from a background…


New Magi-Fest Scholarship Update

For six years we have offered more than 30 kids a FULL scholarship to attend the Magi-Fest Convention in Columbus, Ohio. We run a youth program at this convention, and we make it available to all young magicians with a passion for magic. In the past, we’ve accepted young magicians based on essays they write,…


Young Magician Goes to Tannens Magic Camp!


Vanishing Inc Magic Fund Builds New Theater at the College of Magic

We have a special relationship with the College of Magic in Capetown, South Africa. This institution services disadvantaged youths from South Africa by teaching them magic skills (which are, in many ways, life skills) that they can take back to their communities and share with others. We were greatly impacted by a recent visit to…

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The Vanishing Inc. Share Magic Fund is a registered non-profit 501-C3.

We are funded entirely by the donations of Vanishing Inc. customers and generous individuals.