The Benefits of Magic for Young People

By Joshua Jay - Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We run a charity at Vanishing Inc. aimed at helping young magicians learn valuable skills in and out of magic. I get a chance to interact with lots of parents of young magicians, and they’re often surprised by the “non-magic” benefits of learning magic. I’ll share three here for curious parents.

Public speaking skills. It’s well-documented that public-speaking is a majority of Americans’ biggest fear. That’s right—people are more afraid of speaking in front an audience than being drowned or beheaded. Whether or not your child becomes a professional magician, if she grows up performing magic, she’ll be comfortable in front of crowds, which is an invaluable skill for nearly every profession.

A love of reading. I was never a passionate book-lover until I discovered magic. Magic requires close-reading, and careful study, and it helps foster a true and lifelong love for books. ** An appreciation for perfection. **Magic is hard. It requires constant practice and considered critique. Your child will quickly learn the valuable lesson that “how you do anything is how you do everything,” and the lessons she takes from magic can’t help but spill over to other areas of her studies and life.

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