MagicStars Scholarships

By Andi and Josh - Friday, February 14, 2020

When we launched MagicStars Weekend, our youth-specific magic convention, we had one priority: to match up as many young magicians as possible with instructors who can help improve their magic. The entire weekend is not-for-profit, and that's why the price is just $100 per family. But we're taking things further. We want EVERY kid who wants to attend to have the chance, so we're offering scholarships.

Here's how to attend MagicStars with a parent FOR FREE:
You donate a show to a good cause! That's it. Everyone wins. You spread magic around your local community, and then you get to attend what is SURE to be a life-changing weekend of magic in Columbus, Ohio.

You must donate a show to a charitable organization (church, synagogue, school, hospital, etc.) and provide two forms of documentation from the show. Everything must be submitted by April 1st and if accepted, you and a parent can attend for free!

You must be under 18 at the time of MagicStars Weekend, June 5th.

We would LOVE to offer scholarships to as many young magicians as possible, so please help us spread the word. Send this blog post and information to ANY young magicians who you think might benefit from this opportunity.

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