The College of Magic, South Africa

ShareMagic is a proud partner of The College of Magic, a South African-based organization that promotes magic to underserved youth in Capetown. ShareMagic continues to provide much-needed financial support to the programming and physical headquarters of the College of Magic.

Why we Love the College of Magic

There are many reasons, but here are a few:

The College of Magic promotes diversity and inclusion, and has a focus on magicians of color and female magicians.

The College of Magic teaches children magic, but in so doing, they’re learning important life lessons like reading skills, project management, and public speaking. Above all, they’re gaining confidence.

The College of Magic provides a safe space for many children who have nowhere else to go after school.

Magic Lab

How we Help

Close-up Theater
Our first major collaboration with The College of Magic was helping them rebuild the close-up theater in their headquarters. On a visit to the College, we observed that the children were performing in a room that was in dire need of attention. We completely reconstructed the theater for them, providing lush theatrical curtains, proper seating, and museum-cabinetry filled with precious artifacts that would inspire young magicians (like a report card from a famous magician, and the original prop used in a famous magic show).

The Vanishing Inc. Magic Lab
Cofounders Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin dreamed up the idea of a safe space where aspiring, young magicians could go to dream up the next great magic trick.

The room is outfitted with computers, and drawers stocked with magic staples like false thumbs, specially-printed cards, fresh decks, and coins. The room is also stocked with craft tools like cardboard, wood, feathers, glue, and colored paper. Kids take classes in the Magic Lab, but they also spend their free time in this room gaining inspiration or building a magic prop that they dreamed up earlier in the week.

Our belief is that the most gratifying part of being a magician is creating new, original work, and The Magic Lab is dedicated to just this purpose.

Remote Learning
During the pandemic, the College of Magic was closed, like many other schools around the world. Since the College serves predominately underserved children from neighboring townships, most of the kids were unable to continue their magic lessons via remote learning because they lacked access to the internet at home. ShareMagic stepped in by funding students in need by installing modems and devices in homes and making sure every student had an adequate internet connection. This was helpful not only progressing their magic studies, but also in opening up an entire family’s access to the online world.

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