Upcoming Book Projects

We specialize in funding and distributing magic books that advance the art of magic or uplift communities with magic. Often our publications are not perceived as commercially viable, but we believe they deserve to be published, and read.

Here is a list of our upcoming titles.

Black Magic by David Britland, with Kendrick “Ice” McDonald

Written by a pair of respected magic experts, this book will explore the rich cultural impact Black magicians have had on the art of magic. You’ll learn riveting tales of survival and surprise, from a cast of magicians largely overlooked in the annals of conjuring. Black magicians faced a particular set of challenges, yet the cast of characters in Black Magic will convey remarkable stories of success, creativity, and adventure. Our hope is that this book will help remake the history of magic as told through these the eyes of Black magicians, and that this book might be studied and applied in academic curricula.

Wonder Women by Arabella Sophia

We attribute the few female magicians in magic in part to a lack of inspiration in young, would-be magicians. Every library has books for young readers that teach about Houdini and Thurston and The Great Blackstone. But what about remarkable performers like Adelaide Hermann or Talma? Wonder Women seeks to inspire young readers by retelling the stories of the great female magicians and mind readers throughout history. The book will be filled with empowering tales of important female magicians, and we intend to distribute the book for free to schools and libraries across the United States and the United Kingdom.

A History of Magic in 100 Tricks by Jamy Ian Swiss

You’ve read a dozen books on magic history that tell the same basic story in the same way: linearly. But what if we retold the history of magic through the tricks—and ideas—that shaped our craft? Respected performer and historian Jamy Ian Swiss is, perhaps, the best-qualified person in magic to undertake such a project, and he is hard at work. Swiss will scour museums and collections all over the world in search of 100 significant objects from which we can interpret the history and progress of magic.

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