Sharemagic is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the art of magic. On this site, you’ll find inspiring, thought-provoking content that is entirely free.

ShareMagic Talks

Our ShareMagic video series features exceptional magicians, telling exceptional stories. Watch our first videos of the series below:

Michael Vincent: ShareMagic Talk
Joshua Jay: ShareMagic Talk
Andi Gladwin: ShareMagic Talk
Death Camp Magician

Benjamin Earl series

Ben Earl - Practice
Ben Earl - Ace Cutting
Ben Earl - What is Magic?

Our Recent Projects

We are limited not by our imagination or our capacity to help, but only by the resources that fuel our projects. We’d be grateful beyond measure if you would consider donating.

Meet Our Team

Andi Gladwin

Cofounder of Vanishing Inc., Andi Gladwin, and is also a founder of Sharemagic. With an eye toward projects that benefit the advancement of magic and an emphasis on helping young magicians, Andi has been a part of every facet of Sharemagic since its founding, from working directly with young magicians to advance their learning to building our websites.

Joshua Jay

Cofounder of Vanishing Inc., Joshua Jay is passionate about helping young magicians reach their full potential. Joshua brings experience from other magic charities--including Magicians Without Borders and being named an Ambassador to the Society of American Magicians--to his work at ShareMagic. He is wildly passionate about helping young magicians get the tools they need to excel in magic.

George Luck

Project manager at Vanishing Inc., George Luck helps facilitate the Youth Programs at both The Session and Magifest.

Jeff Kowalk

Jeff handles all the finances for ShareMagic and Vanishing Inc. He is a CPA and a magician, and he is passionate about helping young magicians get the tools they need to excel in magic.